Corporate Services

How can Allen Carr's Easyway benefit your business and your staff?

Are you a manager in human resources, health, occupational health or safety?
Have you been approached to help your smoking staff by your directors, your staff, your clients, your partners, your insurers?
Would you like to improve your staff wellbeing and welfare, reduce their stress, reduce absenteeism as well as save the company $2000 per year per smoker?

We have the solution!

Allen Carr’s Easyway is proud to have many years of experience working with businesses and corporations as a smoking cessation services provider. Large and small organisations alike have successfully used our Corporate Stop Smoking Programme to become smoke-free or reduce smoking in the workplace.
Our expertise, our flexibility and the dedication of our team will enable you to easily implement a "made-to measure" programme to fit your specific requirements.
Whether it suits you to have sessions on your own premises or you prefer to have your staff attend one of our clinics, or a combination of both, we can accommodate your needs.





How and why does it work?

Information is presented in a clear, compelling manner by a fully qualified Allen Carr’s Easyway® facilitator, all of whom are ex-smokers and who quit smoking using Allen Carr’s Easyway®. Throughout the session, cognitive techniques are used to teach smokers how to re-interpret their smoking experience. We demonstrate :

• How smokers’ brains have been tricked into believing smoking relieves stress, aids concentration and provides relaxation.
• Why this belief system makes it difficult and unpleasant to quit smoking using willpower.
• How it can be easy to change these beliefs and become a happy non-smoker without using willpower, with no sense of deprivation.

Many of the world’s most successful organisations have used Allen Carr’s Easyway® to create a healthier, happier and more productive work environment.
Post-seminar studies of several organisations, including Levi-Strauss, IBM and Schweppes, revealed that between 60-80% of smokers who attended a single six-hour session continued to be happy, non-smokers. No other stop-smoking method comes close to achieving this success rate.

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